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back to ikebukuro it is.

i realize the first picture makes it look like they’re all off holding a naked orgy somewhere. this is true. all your drrr otps just happened simultaneously. you’re welcome.

seriously, though, is anyone else violently excited for season 2?

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*doctor pulls out stethoscope* *listens to heartbeat* *sings* this is gospel for the fallen ones


→ Top 20 Animes [TV Series]

- Hyouka

"I think it would be better for us if-"

No, I refuse.”

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This is so cruel! Too cruel!
Mami: The Painful Truth.

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★ Life Fiber Synchronise → SENKETSU-KISARAGI!
 Life Fiber Synchronise → SENKETSU-KISARAGI!
Satsuki & Ryuuko fighting together